Sydney :: Midtown and Downtown, Reno, NV

Shooting with Sydney was a delightful experience!  Can you believe she didn't think she'd be good in front of the camera? We put those doubts to rest quickly in our Midtown and Downtown, Reno, NV senior photo shoot. 



Sydney told me that she wasn’t sure if she’d be good in front of the camera and I told her, just like I always say to everyone I work with, don’t worry! That’s my job to keep you moving and give you lots of direction so you’re not in your head too much about it all.



She was incredible in front of the camera.




She and her mom put together her really cool outfits, the red(ish) floral dress was her

favorite and she had so much fun twirling around in it.




Sydney: comes off a little shy at first, but has beautiful confidence that I could see when we were

shooting her session.





What more can I say? Sydney was a natural!