Hello Heather & Napoleon!

Please enjoy this video of the best images from your session!

Since it's being watched on the internet, just know that the quality of any printed images will be much crisper and that colors and brightness of images might vary depending on what you're viewing them on. All images will print with perfect color and tone and sharpness because my monitor is calibrated with my print vendors. :) You'll see the images sharper in your gallery. Also, the slideshow I created has a slight "antique" hue it has added for the slideshow only. As you'll see when you look at your images, they're much brighter :)

Once you've viewed the slideshow you can browse your online gallery of images and decide what you'd like to invest in. Below the slideshow you can flip through a sample album design as well. This video will be up for a few days only, but you can purchase it to have forever if you'd like (it's called the HD Slideshow in the product list).

Without further ado.... :) Enjoy!






Custom Designed Album:

Here's a album that I custom designed for you to give you an idea on what a premium album would could like for you. An album is hands-down the easiest way to get a lot of images from your session, all in a perfect way to show them off to anyone you choose! The albums I offer are the highest quality, hand made and absolutely gorgeous. As a child, about two or three times a year I would pull out our old photo albums to look at all the amazing memories my family had made when I was younger. Albums, therefore, have a special place in my heart, especially in this digital world we live in where hardly any pictures ever get printed anymore. Because of all of this, I'd love to see you investing in an album.




Your Gallery of Images: