Hi there!


Here are the ordering instructions in case you get stuck somewhere along the way. I believe that the interface is petty user friendly, but we all have problems every once and a while :) Please read these instructions to see if they answer your questions before emailing me. Thank you so much!


NOTE: This looks like a lot of instructions, but it's all fairly simple... I just tried to go into as much detail as possible to help people who get stuck) :)


  1. Find your email with your code and link to the gallery for your student’s class
  2. Click the link to go to the gallery
  3. Browse the photos in the gallery to find the ones you’d like to order.
  4. Click on the first photo you’d like to purchase or add to a package. When it’s large on the screen, click “Buy” near the top.
  5. Select the Package or product you’d like to get by clicking the category, finding the product and clicking “Customize” or “Add to Cart” (add to cart will add the image that you were looking at into your cart as that product and doesn’t require other images to be chosen) (Note: Packages C & D only allow one image for all the items)
  6. If you clicked “Customize”,  you will see an area to choose the other images that will make up your package or product. Click on the tab on the upper right that says “All” to see all the images in your gallery.
  7. Drag and drop images into each gray box to complete the required items.
  8. When all the gray boxes have been filled in with an image, click “Add to Cart” at the bottom right of the screen.
  9. To add your group photo, or any other additional items you’d like to order, click on the photo you’d like to order to make it the large one on the screen.
  10. Click on the “5” x 7” Print” item on the right side of the screen, make any adjustments, and add to cart.Make sure you add a 5x7 of a group image to your order if you pre-purchased. If you do not order it, we will not be able to get it to you.
  11. Keep adding items until you are ready to check out
  12. When you’re ready to check out, click the Cart up at the top right of the page.
  13.  Review your order to make sure everything looks correct. Click “Proceed to Checkout”
  14. Fill in the order details, your name, address, etc. on the next page and click “Continue Checkout”
  15. On the next page, type in your code that was emailed to you in the Coupon Code box near the top right of the page and click “Apply”
  16. If the order was the same as what you prepaid for, the total will come to $0. If you added additional prints or products, you will need to complete the checkout process and pay for the additional items. You can also upgrade your shipping method on this screen if you’d like to.
  17. Click “Continue Checkout” and follow the steps to finalize your order.